We are a Charlotte, NC-based game truck company dedicated to delivering exceptional VR and non-VR gaming experiences to any social function. Our mobile game truck is available for any party or social event, and is a great centerpiece for any party. We offer an opportunity for both kids and adults alike to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring worlds made available by our VR-ready PS5s, and likewise offer non-VR traditional gaming alternatives if one pleases. Give your child the time of his/her life or get an outlet for yourself and your guests to relax and relieve stress by ordering our services. We can guarantee that Game Truck VR will vitalize your party or gathering and make it memorable for a long time to come.

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We pride ourselves on our wide collection of Virtual Reality gear; all of our gaming stations on our game truck are VR-ready and are a great fit for not only kids but for adults of all ages. The introduction of Virtual Reality to the video gaming scene has been revolutionary, and has ushered in a completely new era of gaming realism and technology in general. Get the chance to experience this new wave of technology by trying our state-of-the art VR equipment on our video game truck . One can never truly be too old to still have a mind-blowing VR experience. On top of our 5 gaming stations, we also have on our game truckĀ  an expertly-built racing-style gaming cockpit, designed to bring your VR gaming experience to a whole new level of excitement and immersion.

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