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Terms, Conditions and Payment Authorization for GameTruckVR events:

1. Means Of Payment

a. The customer is required to provide a valid method of payment upon requesting service through our website or otherwise.

b. The person in whose name the credit card is issued that was used to book the service must be present to show the card and a valid photo I.D. upon arrival at the designated address.

c.  The person authorized to use the credit card to book the services with GameTruckVR must initial the credit card authorization (in parentheses) at the bottom of these terms and conditions. The name on the credit card must match one of the names of the customers agreeing to these terms.

2. Long-distance Travel

a. If service is being delivered to an area 30 miles or more outside the Charlotte, NC zip code 28270 region, an extra fee will be issued to the customer for fuel.

3. Truck Parking and access

a. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide an adequately large, flat, horizontal and safe space for our truck to be able to park. Our truck is over 46 feet long and requires a lot of space; the space must also be safe enough for the truck operator to be able to comfortably enter and exit the vehicle without putting themselves in harm’s way and also to not cause major obstructions to the roadway surrounding the designated parking area. Our team will arrive at your location early in order to set up and start on time. They will need access to location, internet modem, power outlets, etc. Your party will end exactly at the agreed upon time because the team has to pack, move to another location and set up for another party. If our team will start the party a few minutes later due to the distance between party locations and the complexity of multiplayer gaming settings, they will stay later so you can benefit from the entire period for which you paid.

b. The designated parking spot must be positioned so that players will be able to safely enter and exit the vehicle without putting themselves in harm’s way.

c. If the customer chooses to have us park in a parking lot, we will need approximately 10 consecutive lateral (or 5 consecutive longitudinal) parking spaces of room to fit the vehicle.

d. The customer must ensure that they have legal permission for us to park and run the activities in their designated location prior to our arrival, and have appropriately reserved any space as needed for our truck to park. We will park on driveways only if we can do so safely and there is enough room for the truck and trailer to maneuver into the driveway.

e. If any of the before mentioned conditions are not met, we will not be able to park and will not park until they are all met.

f. We will not hesitate to leave upon the end of the customer’s chosen timeframe, regardless of whether or not the customer was able to provide a suitable parking space. If the customer could not provide an adequate space, a refund will not be issued.

4. Post-reservation Cancelling

a. We reserve the right  to cancel any appointment made by a customer at any time in the case of an unexpected or otherwise conflicting situation arising which can in any way interfere with our ability to show up at the customer’s reserved time frame; in this case, a full refund will be issued to the customer.

b. We will explicitly confirm to the customer, by email, whether or not we will be able to show up at their reserved time frame within a few days of their reservation.

c. Without the aforementioned email confirmation, the customer’s reservation is not valid.

d. If we inform the customer that we will not be able to show up at their reserved time frame via an email response, a full refund will be issued to the customer.

e. If the customer chooses to cancel their order:

i. 30 days or more before their reserved time frame: a full refund will be issued to the customer.

ii. Within 29-22 days before their reserved time frame: a refund will be issued to the customer equal to 75% of what they paid for their service.

iii. Within 21-15 days before their reserved time frame: a refund will be issued to the customer equal to 50% of what they paid for their service

iv. 14 days or less before their reserved time frame: no refund will be issued to the customer

5. Weather

a. There may be occasions when the weather may interfere with the customer’s designated time frame. In the event of severe weather (lightning, very high winds, flooding and or extremely heavy rains, snow or ice) we reserve the right to reschedule your service to guarantee the safety of you, your guests, our staff and equipment. If the threat of severe weather threatens your party and you are aware in advance please contact us to begin the rescheduling process.

6. Employee Interaction/Privacy Policy

a. We have a no-touch policy when it comes to interacting with anyone using our services other than the minimal contact required if a user were to need assistance with putting on the VR gear, etc.

b. A responsible adult aside from our employees must be present to supervise any users of our services at all times while our services are being used. 

c. Our employees are allowed to film or otherwise capture footage of users of our services at play for advertisement purposes. Any footage of users captured will only be used for the aforementioned reason and will not be sold or otherwise traded to other parties.

7. Damage/Injuries

a. GametruckVR or any of its employees or volunteers will not be responsible for any damage to property resulting from a request by the client to position the truck in a specific location. This includes both above ground and below ground property/equipment damage. Additionally, GametruckVR reserves the right to charge the client’s credit card for damages to the trailer or equipment resulting from the careless or willful damage of same by client’s guests. GametruckVR or its employees assume no responsibility for any injuries sustained on the client’s property or their designated location. All liability for damages or injuries are the sole responsibility of the client and/or host. Customer will indemnify and hold harmless GametruckVR for all damages or injuries that may occur in the inside or the outside of the Game Truck

b. Neither GametruckVR nor any of its employees or volunteers are responsible for any property damage caused by our truck or any personal injuries obtained related to our truck or any of our services.

c. The customer is liable to financially compensate us, in full as we deem necessary, for any damage to our truck or any of our equipment.


8. Video Game Ratings

a. We will restrict the video games made playable while stationed on the request of a parent or responsible adult if necessary based on ratings or inappropriate content.

9. Food/Drink

a. No food gum, candy or drink of any kind is allowed to be carried onto the truck while it is stationed.

10. Smoking/Drugs

a. No tobacco products or drugs of any kind are to be consumed in the premises of the truck while it is stationed.

11. Tips

a. Tips may be issued to GametruckVR employees for good service, if the client wishes. Tipping is greatly appreciated, but not required.

I have read all 4 pages and agreed all terms and conditions.


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