Here are some Rec Room games that people may like, made by me!

1. Desert Apocalypse PVP

Normally not a big fan of the PVP category, but making a PVP game and incorporating CV2 into it made for a fun challenge! Battle your friends on the desert sand!

2. Dan Rally

A racetrack to race your friends and generally hangout in. Don’t miss the Spooky version (ooooh), 40 Player version (optimized for maximum capacity), and Wolf Rally version (wolf car go brrrr).

3. Towers Of Misery

For you parkour gods out there, enjoy this specially curated tower series to make your day a little more miserable. (Also, for a true challenge, try the XtraMisery Towers…)

(And a more specially selected variety to the tastes of screenmode players…)

4. Spinning Cube PVP

My second delve into PVPs. Okay, so what if, its a PVP, but everyone’s constantly motion sick?! Spin into battle inside of a hellcube that won’t stop… 🤢 (AKA, inside of a washing machine pvp)

5. Whip Defense

This has been posted here before, as it is pretty old. One of the first “real” games I ever made! Defeat your enemies in a paintball-like 6v6 with WHIPS!

(Facility map? More like never)

6. Bullet Darn Remaster

Actually the first game published, sucked, so… a remaster was in order. Now, you fight off waves of enemies, instead of like 5 Elite Flying Goblins!

And that’s pretty much everything notable! Keep tuned for more rooms and updates in the future!

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