FNAF Security Breach First Impressions

So I got Security Breach…


…first thing I notice is that it takes 2 hours to download…

Well, I’m not the best at horror survival, but I’ll give it a shot.

Upon starting, you are in Freddy’s chest cavity. Okayyyy…

So I’m just a kid with trust issues.



After going through the tutorial things, you crawl through the vents, through the utility tunnels, etc. etc. We didn’t make it to the exit before 12:00 am. After that, I go through to the main lobby, and me being a noob, dies 4 times. Eventually, I manage to get a magnet and use it on the machine, gaining a daycare pass. Going to the daycare, accidentally turned the lights off, whoops.

People say that this part is hard, but just spam distractions and turn the gamma and brightness up to max.

Ez win.

First impressions? Fun game. Probably would do a follow up.

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