my rec room arg bc why not



did you know that i made an arg? mainly in rec room? but with secret youtube videos? and much more?

and that it’s loosely based on a creepypasta?

you probably didn’t.

(or maybe you didn’t even know what an arg is: )

Well, it all starts here…

Part 1: The Wii

The first room ^Eteled_Experience, is loosely based on the Wii Deleted You creepypasta. (it’s good, go check it out:


The room itself consists of an invisible floor, tiles, and a bright white skybox, giving the effect that you are in a Mii Plaza.

There are two subrooms accessible:

Deleted – Head to the right of spawn, and jump into the Mii Delete button. This will take you to a hospital, where Miis go to die, loosely based on the creepypasta form of itself. There are 5 hidden tapes, 1 of them by someone not quite themselves…

RealWorld – A child’s bedroom with a Wii in it. Implied to be Sam’s bedroom from the creepypasta, but this is not the case. If you look out the window, you’ll see the void. Clipping out of the bedroom, you’ll find redacted

Part 2: The Repressed Memories

You, the player, in almost all rooms, are implied to be a father of one, and that some traumatic event happened that causes you to have repressed memories. This is the case for:





Unfocused – A chair caused pillars of light to spin, along with the words, “Why can’t you remember what you did to us, just try to remember what you did to us,”

Repressed_Memories – redacted is able to contact you even through your state of delirium. But is it real? What did you do?

Stolen_Breath – The name of the game implied that YOU redacted . In the back right corner (if you walk back far enough), and in the top left corner, you can find hidden text.

Redacted – A hidden room that you can access via a backdoor in ^FunQuest-Wii.

Part 3: Remembering

This category is unfinished, as there are still two more games in the works for it.

You finally start to remember what you did.


FunQuest-Wii – An unreleased Wii game full of bugs. Or does someone not want you here?

Starved – redacted

Sinister_Job + SmileForTheCamera – Unfinished

If you want a one stop room for everything Eteled Repression ARG, check out


And that is all the information I am willing to share.

But if you ask me ingame…

Some more things may be revealed.


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