Minecraft Live 2021

Minecraft Live 2021 is today! So, this also means that there’s a mob vote. Let’s look at the new mobs you can vote for…

(Here is the stream, where you can vote! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6zLprHHZOk)

The Glare

The Glare is a mob that hangs around, and gets grumpy in places that are dark enough for mobs to spawn. A useful thing to have to check light levels…though you can do that yourself pressing F3. Might be more useful for Bedrock players, then…

The Allay

A small little blue flying guy who loves music, and will collect more of any item you give it, and if possible, drop it near a note block! It also dances! Probably the best one of the bunch in my opinion, but figure it out for yourself!

The Copper Golem

This little copper golem walks around and presses copper buttons (which will be added to the game if it wins), randomly. It also oxidizes over time. I wonder if you can Honeycomb it to prevent it from doing so… This little golem could be pretty interesting for redstone builds.

Well, hope you enjoyed. The stream starts at 12:00 pm EST. (rooting for allay! >:D) Feel free to comment below.

Some Random Thoughts

Will the copper golem attract lightning?

Could different noteblock sounds affect allays?

How will the Glare behave?

What will they drop when killed?

Will they be neutral, passive, or hostile mobs?

Will the Glare spawn in Lush Caves?


Find out!!!  >:D


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