FNF mod review.

now that im not bad at the game I can play mods!

Here are my top 3 FNF mods.


3. Cheeky

One point because MUGEN is from Roblox, another for actually good songs, and another for good art, and another for custom concepts (like ads and Cheeky literally shooting you), and another… Yeah you get the point. Check it out!


2. Tricky

Amazing attention to detail recreating Madness Combat! The difficulty levels are just right, and no charting issues! Also, original fire notes! So yeah, also check this one out!


1. Bob and Bosip

I loved this mod even before the new update! There were 4 songs then, and now there’s 15!! So fun to play through the weeks, and with the new EX difficulty, adds a challenge to the original songs. Also, funni bob is here too? That was just death by meme. Please get it, it’s super worth it! Also, SPLIT IS A BOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP


So those were my favorite FNF mods! If you’d like me to review your suggested mod, just type it down below.

Thanks for reading


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