literally the anything tier list + rant about Paint Throwers in Rec Royale

Today, I will choose 3 comments to ask me my opinions (video game related) and put them into a tier list. So yeah. If there isn’t enough, I can always wait. It could happen months from now, years even. So hurry up!!


You do not need an email address or phone number, I believe those are optional. Just your name!

(not completely sure lol)

Paint throwers are garbage in Rec Royale. It deals extremely low damage for a Legendary, and the bullets are so slow, it doesn’t even matter that you have over 100 extra ammo. The bullets travel so slowly, why is it even considered high firerate?!

The damage is worse than a Common Laser SMG. (not statistically, but in practicality) And I don’t like Laser SMGs. But the Paint Thrower has cost me 5 games. One weapon doomed them all. I have not won a game where I or my teammates used the weapon. It’s lucky for me to see an opponent using them (ez kills) and I have won a game because of this. It needs to be seriously buffed, or ranked down.

Ok that’s it.




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