How to Rec Royale (Advanced)

First off, I will NOT be covering the basics. Please see Rec Room’s official video!

As a Beekeeper in Rec Royale, I have a lot of experience with this game. I’ll give you some tips that I accumulated, as well as a general tier list of weapons. 


  1. Be prepared, and have a general sense of direction as to where the Gondola is heading. You may land disoriented otherwise! If you’re playing Squads, talk with your team about where to drop on the gondola, not in the lobby. The randomized direction can completely overthrow plans.
  2. Unless you’re looking for a huge health drop but some early game action kills, try to avoid dropping with other people. Stay with your squad, and try not to engage.
  3. Loot as much as you can! One chest won’t hurt. You never know what’s inside!
  4. Paint thrower bad.
  5.  Conserve ammo!!

tier list

please never nerf paint pistol

That’s all I’ve got for you today! 


See ya!

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