playing scary games on rec room and peeing myself

aahh oh no


So today, I decided to play some Rec Room horror games. Oh no. In specific, I’ll be playing ^Lucifers_Silent_Hill_P.T., a horror game in which you go through your house. Again. And again. And again… 

After a brief rundown, I’ll give you some funny images of my time here! I did not have fun.


The first room was quite normal, just the house… and a radio report of a father killing his family and then killing himself. Wow, this game has quite the canon. From what I assume, we are the father.

Room 2 has the same radio, but talked about something like “Your son- is in heaven- by your own hands- It’s not too late- Go now” Then a mannequin moved. It heccin moved. 

I keep getting Room 3 and Room 4 and 5 messed up, but from what best I remember…

Room 3 has a phone call. “Look behind you. I said, look behind you.” Then the entire screen just turns into RUN even though there’s nothing to run from… yet. A jack-in-the-box lie by the exit door. THEN A CLOWN RUNS AT YOU AAAAAAAA

Room 4 has the mother. (Also, if you try to open the bathroom door [that has a loud baby crying sound] you’ll be jumpscared by the clown.) Run into the mother and she disappears. Then the radio talks about how you got fired from your job, drowned your feelings in booze, how the mother had to take a part time job just to support the kids… very bad stuff. The room floods with (booze? water? blood?) liquid.

Room 5 is the last room I remember. A dangling refrigerator filled with blood and emitting screaming lays in the main hall. Also, get jumpscared by mom. Then… RUN


im really scared right now


Tell me in the comments a room that I should visit… perhaps a room tour blog would be nice!

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