^WhipDefence RUNDOWN


This is my Rec Room game, WhipDefence! It is quite similar to Paintball, but with it’s own twists. Follow this guide to master the strats!


Part A. – Map Memorization

The Caves map, (and soon the Facility map) are large maps, but are relatively simplistic.

In the middle, there is a huge climbable cylinder that rises out of the ground at 9:15 remaining. (Within the first 45 seconds). Also, at each team’s base, there is a climbing wall. 

At the top, there is an entrance to a secret cave to use as fast travel, and to get shield potions! You can also summon bats there! (1 button press = 4 bats) Be warned, since grabbing the flag and having a whip at the same time makes it more difficult to directly get over the wall at each team’s base, use the ramp instead. Also, (soon at the time of this post), cannons can shoot you pretty far out onto the map, so use it to bounce ahead of the competition!

Hitboxes for climbable objects are a bit janky right now. Will fix soon!


That’s it! -Dan

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