funkin week 7

xd funni tank


tankman is here and why are we in a restricted military zone oh gosh



Ok, so I’m gonna pull a sneaky on Newgrounds and just tell you how to play.

That’s it, some random dude put funkin week 7 on a google page.







My opinion on it is top tier, since it has fully fledged cutscenes (not kid friendly tho 0_0) also, the songs are a bop, and I’m not gonna spoil the big thing in the 3rd song, soooo… I really enjoyed Ugh and Guns, but Stress I didn’t really like as much, tho Guns is a rage song (beat it first try still! >:D).

Idk, just go play it yourself.

also, dunno when the newgrounds page will be up





(I posted this late. Dear gosh… Also Ritz will be a playable character at Full Release, also hype for Tricky Phase 3, should I post about that?)

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