How To Maker Pen – 1

Prior experience is welcomed, but not needed! Experience can include: knowledge of computer logic, 3d building, virtual reality, and of the maker pen itself. Let’s begin. (Also, you need to know how Rec Room works! i.e. the watch menu 

~Ultra Beginners~

To use the Maker Pen, pull out your Watch Menu and go to Backpack -> Tools. Press Use on the Maker Pen object. (favorite means that you can pull it out of your backholster on VR and is prioritized on screen.) Now that you have it, look at the mini screen on the maker pen (Like Watch Menu). Look through all the modes!

Edit Mode- On a Maker Pen Object, you can continue changing the object through this mode.

Create Mode- Using the Palette (more in a next post…), you can create objects!

Select Tool- Change your current selection.

Move Tool, Rotate Tool, and Delete Tool- Self-explanatory.

Scale Tool- Allows you to change the size, or width, length, and height depending on the object. A more uniform version of Manipulate.

Wire Tool- A tool that allows you to interact with coding chips.

Configure Tool- An extremely useful tool that allows you to change the density of an object, change if it’s grabbable, and more!

Freeze Tool- A tool that completely locks an object.

Manipulate Tool- Scale some things that can’t normally be scaled, and mess with hitboxes.

Make Invention- Your current selection can become widely available to the entirety of Rec Room to spawn in!


Done Editing is an action that makes you stop drawing an object.

Undo and Redo is self explanatory.

So yeah, that’s it for this post! Get used to these modes, and here’s some basic palette things until the next post. 

Use the Props tab to summon pre-made objects. Alternatively, use the Inventions tab on the palette to spawn community made objects that you can get from the Store.

You can discover some more things without my help, too. Just keep practicing!


Until next time!

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