ranking all rec room paintball maps

Fluidity (How well the environment fits into everything)- 

River- A

Homestead- A

Clearcut- A+

Quarry – S

Spillway- A-

Sunset Drive-In – B+





Music (Matching with terrain AND general greatness)-

River-  A-

Homestead- B+

Clearcut- A

Quarry- C

Spillway- A

Sunset Drive-In – C+



Relation to place on campus-

River- (Shown in New Orientation) S+

Homestead- A

Clearcut- A+ (Shown on Map)

Quarry- A+ (Shown on Map)

Spillway- D

Sunset Drive-In – B-




My opinion-

River- B

Homestead- A+

Clearcut- A+

Quarry- B+

Spillway- A-

Sunset Drive-In – B-



Let me know your opinion!

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