my opinion on adopt me


It’s a family friendly casino.


Let me explain.


A lot of the aspects in the game is luck based, especially if you don’t spend robux. Also, on April Fools, they crashed the economy with free Fly/Ride pets (extremely rare) so now no one uses the Airship, they can just fly up. Other than that, I remember playing it when it was actually a roleplay game. Yeah, not anymore. I suppose it’s like the stock market for cute pets, like how the Griffin is technically a Legendary, but no one wants it. The Unicorn is considered super-awesome though (since the player base is 8 year old girls). 

Back to the point, there are also random events that can make or break your money count. Which can lead you to gamble for more pets, to trade for things that get you more money to gamble for more pets, and if your luck goes bad, you’re gonna have to sell your extra assets to get money to get more pets to maybe get more assets back. It’s essentially a gambling simulator. 


But that’s just my opinion! I’m ready to hear hate comments from people who don’t respect other’s opinions! 😀



Haha… you wouldn’t, right?

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