Rec Room OST? But… where?


this is the only reason why this post exists.

Where is the soundtrack?



In AMA 22, Gribbly says that as of today (Noon, 4/12/2021) the Rec Room soundtrack is released in 3 volumes on Spotify. Checking Spotify, there is no such thing. Anyone know where to find it?





In other news, the 3 volumes are divided like this- V1 is Quest music, usually orchestral and dramatic. (Except Jumbotron, which falls in the next volume) V2 is laser-electronic type music, like Laser Tag. And V3 is the other classic music, like the Tutorial and Sport Funk and the such. V3 also includes Paintball tracks. And that’s it. Can’t wait to listen to Pirate Brawl and the Jumbotron Boss theme.

Keep gaming! 😉

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