i got gummy bee, you can too

how the heck-



I’ve been playing this game for a while and it’s really simple- get Tickets and buy it! If you have no extra gumdrops, it costs around 833 Tickets. So what I did was grind. Craft them, get them from loot (its pretty common), Memory Match, until around 2k gumdrops. Then you spend 100 tickets for 300 gumdrops, and then grind the rest or buy more. I don’t have any hints except to not use gumdrops except for quests in which it’s required. (Except Riley/Bucko’s Goo Quest. That can go straight to hecc.) Also, be conservative! Don’t craft Glue or use a lot of Gumdrops! Make sure to use your Magic Beans (NOT AT NIGHT) to try to get a Gummy Sprout! They give you around 50 gumdrops if you’re quick enough; even more if you’re fast. In that case, use the Star Hall’s jelly dispenser for Haste+ (above Noob shop, use Blue or Red cannon).


That’s all I got! Hope it helps.

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