rec room screen mode – is it good

So, I’ve also also also been playing Rec Room screen mode to see if it’s good. Here is what I found.

~PROS~ (I played on PC screen, so keep that in mind!)

  1. It is absurdly easy to navigate, and you pretty much have aimbot.
  2. The new menu tailors more towards screen players, so that’s something.
  3.  Glitches are reduced.
  4. Remarkably far reach


  1. You get matchmaked with other screen players a lot.
  2. You can’t teleport.
  3. The watch menu covers your entire screen.


  1. Limited movement and expression of self.
  2. Toxicity
  3. Somehow teleporters seem harder to hit…? Just me? Okay…
  4. Easily dominated.
  5. Inventory in games with side holsters (like C of the BM and Rec Royale) takes a while to get used to. 



So, it really depends! But VR is better, so I’d recommend that, but if you don’t have one, you’re not doomed. 🙂

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