Checking in on Roblox

WOWIE, A LOT OF NEW GAMES. In this post I’ll be counting down my NEW top 3 favorites. Here we go!

number 3: Toy Defenders- Ever had a Roblox toy? Well now there’s a tower defense game about it! You don’t even need to own the toys! Something that other tower defense games don’t have that this game does have is Ranking. Combine two of the same toy together to PRE-UPGRADE it. Pretty cool.

number 2: Infectious Smile- A battle between false happiness and survivors on a mountain. Fight off the Winning Smile or become it. The choice is yours! Based off of Changed and the likes.

number 1: SCP-3008- Unlike every other “SCP” game, it’s not a pay-to-win power hungry struggle. It’s a horror survival game where you build anything in an Infinite Ikea. (its not infinite but it’s VERY LARGE) Find other humans, collect food, supplies, and build a base to escape the employees.

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