Half + Half

Hi there! Half + Half is a VR game that I will be covering today! A simplistic game in which you explore a pastel world with others doing fun activities! (Rec Room but cuter? 0_0) Here are my thoughts!

The controls are a little confusing since there isn’t a tutorial (well there is but it really only outlines the community rules and how to teleport.) so the games are hard to play at first. The games on it are amazing, so it makes up pretty fast. Glide is where you fly through the sky, there’s a human Tetris one, there’s a hide and seek game where the hiders are 2 inches tall when the seekers are huge, and my favorite is the swimming one. Be sure to bring friends, since the matchmaking isn’t the greatest. Overall, since it’s free, I’d definitely at least try. But hey, maybe you could stick around longer? Who knows how much fun you’ll have in this wacky world?! Have a look for yourself!



Hope you have fun wiggling around and enjoying the surroundings!

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