Rec Room but I look at a bunch of different versions

“what an interesting title” -nobody




So, today, I will be comparing Rec Room versions. PS4, PSVR, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and Oculus Link (Rift). I’ll be listing the versions from worst to best.


PS4 – Screenplay

Okay, so out of all of the versions, why is this the worst? It even has all the things unlocked! Simply put, it feels off-putting when you’ve played it in VR. It just can’t compare.


Only reason? Too many cables.

Oculus Quest (1) – VR

LAG SPIKES OH MY GOSH… and somethings simply don’t render. Alsoooooo… it was really a tight decision between Quest and PSVR. Since the Quest can’t handle a lot of the games, a lot are made unavailable. I would tie them, but I can’t. Also I’m biased towards Oculus (sorry).

Oculus Quest 2 (2) – VR

Amazing experience. It’s a must have. Still, it’s just annoying how you can play EVERYTHING BUT ^Crescendo and both Rec Royales. (^RecRoyaleSolos and ^RecRoyaleSquads) So that was what put the difference.


The original is the best. No doubt. End of discussion. (disagree down below -w-)



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