Mario’s 35th Anniversary

There’s a lot going on here… let’s break it down.

  1.  Game and Watch: A brand new anniversary Game and Watch that plays the original Super Mario Bros. and Lost Levels! Also plays Game and Watch Balls, AND IT’S A CLOCK! Cool.
  2. Mario Kart: Home Circuit! A Mario Toy that you can make your own levels for! I’m super hyped for this one.
  3. 3D All Stars: OH MY GOD YES WHAT IS HAPPENING I LOVE IT YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS… *ahem* There was Super Mario All-Stars… and now Super Mario 3D All-Stars! A collection of the best 3D Mario games (rip super mario galaxy 2) all in one! How amazing is that?! This direct was sprung up on us, and I love, love, love it!!

Well, those were the highlights. BUT OMG SUPER MARIO 64 ON SWITCH 

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