Even More Minecraft

4. Pro: When you think you’re ready, you can attempt to fight the Wither or the Ender Dragon. (Elder Guardian, too. But that’s a mini-boss.) These boss mobs are very hard to defeat, or even get to. 

Wither: Going back to the Nether Fortress… (this may take a while) you’ll have to defeat a LOT of Wither Skeletons to get their skulls. You’ll need 3.

And some Soul Sand.                          WS      WS      WS                                                                                                             SS        SS        SS                                                                                                                           SS

Make this formation, a wither skull has to be the last block placed, and it’ll spawn the Wither. (skulls might need to be forward)

Ender Dragon: The final boss. You’ll need to locate the stronghold, with Eyes of Ender and a lot extra. (Ender Pearls + Blaze Powder) Throw it, pick it up, and keep going. When it won’t go any further, you’re at the stronghold. Find the portal room, fill in the empty portal slots with Eyes of Ender, and you’re at the End.

To defeat: Take out the crystals first. They allow the dragon to regain health. Then, ATTACK! Beds are a useful weapon here, because they explode! Just like in the Nether! Take ’em out!

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