Some More Minecraft

A list of some of the things you should do…and if you didn’t know, then… ! A good idea, finally. 

  1. Noob: First thing you want to do is get wood, coal, and stone. Wood is good for almost everything, but make some basic tools and then upgrade to stone and then iron. Then you can make a house, settle down, farm, explore.
  2. Average: Always make sure to have a reliable food source! Whether it be animals, wheat, potatoes, you don’t want to die of hunger. Also, diamond has a very large area of spawning, but make sure you are at least 8-12 layers down
  3. Good: Flowing lava makes cobblestone when touching water, but source or still lava makes obsidian, a key component to going to the Nether. About the Nether, it has a lot of brewing ingredients. You’ll want to find Soul Sand, and a Nether fortress. In a Nether fortress, you’ll find patches of Nether Wart, and Blazes. Take them down, collect Blaze Rods and Blaze Powder, take all the Nether Wart and Soul Sand, and get out of there!
  4. (Bonus): Brewing Basics! Power it with the Blaze Powder (on the left) then place Water Bottles on the bottom and Nether Wart on the top to make Awkward Potions. Then on the top, pick an ingredient to make your own potions!

Night Vision – Golden Carrot, Awkward Potion

Fire Resistance – Magma Cream, Awkward Potion

Invisibility – Fermented Spider Eye, Night Vision

Those are my favorites. To make it stronger, add Redstone. To make it a splash potion, add Gunpowder.

Well…there ya go! 🙂

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