Roblox Guessing Game

As you might know, I’ve covered Roblox games multiple times before. But some more games caught my eye again. Here we go…again…! But I am original, so I will make it a guessing game! Good luck! 😉

  1.  A crossover between Granny and Peppa Pig, this game was popularized by Flamingo.
  2.  In this simulator game that partially shares a title with Ninja Legends (another game), you eat food to gain… Muscle? Wish that was reality. 
  3.  “Name a word that starts with XY.” HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW? To pass on the ticking bomb, I’d better do it!
  4.  Some classic Roblox games…but wait. You can rewind time?!

Answers are down belowwwwwwwwwwww!








Answers: 1. Piggy.      2. Thick Legends    3. Word Bomb    4. Super Rewind.

Go check out these games, they’re pretty fun.

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