Minecraft takes the lead!

The most popular game now is… well it’s in the title. Minecraft has overtaken Fortnite, which is rapidly losing players. So, let’s look at Minecraft and it’s new updates. Modding has become incredibly popular on YouTube, with my personal favorite being chisels and bits. Anyways, its time! The wittle buzzy bee update! With… REALLY REALLY CUTE BEES! They attack, protect, make honey, its awesome. With honey blocks which can be used as an alternative to slime blocks. We can’t wait for the nest update, Mojang! 


  • Phil V

    I agree that Minecraft is one of the best games. It is definitely one of my top favorites. I really love all the mods which add cool machines and factories based on real-life. They really add more to the game which has arguably become bland. Mods add pretty much anything you could want, complex rockets, magical crops, and everything in between.
    My opinion on Fortnite? It’s horrible and should be deleted.

    • Thank you for your opinion on this. I personally think that the worst part of Fortnite is the obsession. Otherwise, it’s a pretty creative game. Also, Roblox is trailing close behind…

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