Roblox Horror…

Roblox has seriously well developed horror games. Roses, BEAR, Project Terror, and Grotty’s Horror House to name a few. Wow. That’s amazing. Let’s look at them and some more.

  1. BEAR: A horror game involving a monstrosity known only as Bear. The object? Survive BEAR until time runs out or… Kill all the players. Use puzzles to make time speed up, and it’s an 8/10 fun level!
  2.  Horror Portal Series: These games include: Happy Birthday Isabella, Holmes’s Hospital, and one other that I forgot the name of but it involved a circus or carnival. Out of all of them, Holmes Hospital is the scariest. Based off of the Camping series, this horror story adds a bit more…scariness. 4/10 spooky factor carnival, 5/10 happy birthday, and 8/10 scariness for Holmes! 7/10 fun overall!
  3.  Project Terror: A Flee The Facility styled game with a lot more scariness. Escape the experiments, get to the Warden’s Office to retrieve the shutdown code, and shut the bunker down once and for all! 8/10.

Those were my favorite.


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