The Anatomy Of Video Game Characters… (what have I done)

I will definitely regret this… uh… let’s just start. KIRBY: A pink puffball with either the majority of it’s body being it’s stomach or a hyperfast metabolism. Small brain, can express emotion. It’s pretty much a black hole.

MARIO: Isn’t human! That’s right, he isn’t. At all. Take a look at SMO’s Skeleton outfit… There is one detail! (Thx game theory) The mustache is a bone! That really puts me off. Hairs don’t have bones. Wait, so if hairs are just growing off these bones… that means the princess is a completely different species than Mario and Luigi…  that something I’ll save for later.

BRICK BLOCKS: They’re just bricks that Mario breaks with his fist! Not head, look at the jump animation for SMB. OR ARE THEY? The brick block… is actually a Toad. Read the Instructions/Story part of the manual and it says that the Toadstool people were turned into various things, one of which listed in the manual, was a brick block. So that makes Mario a mass murderer as well, and not just enemies.

That’s it for now. 😉

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