Another History Post.

I am not being that creative right now. So. I just decided to list the most GROUNDBREAKING CONSOLES (in my opinion, as always).

  1. The Odyssey. No, not Super Mario Odyssey, but the Magnavox Odyssey. The first commercially sold home video game console!
  2. Atari 2600. In many levels, the best quality you would find in that time.
  3.  NES/SNES. DEFINITLY set the standard with new and amazing games. By this point, Atari pretty much gave up and made Princess Rescue… which is literally Super Mario Brothers but with worse graphics.
  4.  PlayStation. All I can say is… REVOLUTION OF DUAL JOYSTICKS
  5.  N64. The controller is funky…Image result for n64 controller imagesbut with SM64 it just blew my mind. The capability! And that brings us to…
  6.  GameCube/PS2      C a p a b l e         I n        e v e r y        w a y
  7.  Wii (and PS3) The Wii catchline was that everyone could play. Well… OF COURSE THEY COULD! The controls are easy to get used to, backwards compatibility to people who where still on the GameCube, oh and the PS3 had amazing graphics and was impossible to put down.
  8.  Wii U sucked.
  9.  PS4 and Switch. … I’m simply left speechless. They are just excelling. Definitely set the standard for today’s consoles.

Tell me below if I missed anything! 😉

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