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Woo! A brand new year and more games to come! Let’s take a look at some of the greatest things about 2019. In Bold are some vocabulary gaming words.

  1. Who couldn’t say Smash DLC? I mean, SANS. People love this.
  2.  Every mainstream game on the switch… I couldn’t list them all.
  3.  The bargain bin was overloaded with great games. I managed to get Human: Fall Flat for $7. (instead of 15) Amazing…
  4.  B r a n d   n e w   t e c h !           Switch Lite, some new Oculus stuff, and more to count.

So that was 2019 in review. Let’s look into the future~

  1. More mainstream games. Duh.
  2.  PS5, Xbox 2, NEW TECH!!!
  3.  Some updates to dearly beloved games… -w-
  4.  Well, I can’t tell the future. You tell me; what do you think will happen in 2020 in the gaming world?

2020, here I come!


DLC: Downloadable Content

Mainstream Game: a game that is heavily put in the spotlight (Luigi’s Mansion 3, Mario Maker 2, SSB Ultimate, etc.)

Human: Fall Flat : a game you should check out, a physics based puzzle game that’s just silly.

Oculus: a virtual reality headset making company

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