Reasonable Smash DLC Prediction

Well, here goes. In editing I actually had a full moveset complete with costumes, echos, grabs, and dashes but it all got deleted. So… never mind. Just get on with the prediction. I (had) a full moveset for…. Hat Kid from A Hat In Time! Because of this mishap, this post was shortened… but I’ll try my best!!

  1. Neutral Special: Brewing Hat! Throw explosive potions
  2.  Side Special: Projectile Badge! It’s a Laser with fire properties that can be charged up.
  3.  Up Special: Ice Hat! (See Dedede’s Up Special, but with freeze properties.)
  4.  Down Special: Time Stop Hat. See Bayonetta’s Witch Time.

Dash is sprint hat, dash attack is a dive, an echo fighter could be Bow Kid, and grab attack could use the Hookshot. 

Costumes would use the alternate colors found in Rifts, and taunts could be the smug dance, kiss, and bleh. Smash and jabs would swing the umbrella.

And that’s the gist of it. That’s my prediction. Oh, and, tell me if I could use something else as a move below. Keep gaming!!!!


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