Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Today is a day honoring all of the moms out there! I’m going to take a look at some amazingly strong girls in video gaming history.

  1. Sheik (Zelda series):   Princess Zelda’s alter ego is the first thing that comes to mind for me. To avoid capture by Ganondorf, Zelda disguises herself as a male Sheikah. She aids Link on his journey and teaches him teleportation songs. And she appears and disappears like a ninja. That’s amazing!
  2. Peach (Super Mario series):  You might be thinking, ‘Doesn’t Peach get captured all of the time?’. If you thought that, you haven’t played Super Princess Peach on the DS. Yes that is a real game. She saved Mario. Like a Mario game but backwards. -_-
  3. Lorelei (Pokémon series):   One of the Elite Four! She uses Ice type Pokémon. Her strongest Pokémon as of Let’s Go is her Lapras. She’s one of the best of the best!!!

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