How 2: Get through World of Light

In this post, I will teach you how to get through World of Light without a scratch! First of all, when you start, you have very limited fighters. So, you need to use spirits to help you get new ones! When you start a new file of World of Light for the first time, you get a FREE spirit. All spirts help you get your attack power up, but most spirits also has a boost like Sleeping Immunity. And how to get spirits? Fight those flaming orbs to get that spirit equipped on the Puppet Fighter that you fight. Fight statues to unlock new characters. And so on and so on. Some spirit battles have hazards such as Lava-Floors. But you can use OTHER spirits to help you with those hazards! The harder it is to fight a Puppet Fighter, the more rewards you get. And that’s it! Hope that helped you!

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