* if you’ve read the undertale post then you may continue to read this. if you haven’t, it is recommended. thanks.

The Delta Rune was that symbol with the triangle and the wings inside of it that was displayed almost everywhere. The old turtle shopkeeper tells you the name of it. Delta Rune. (Fun Fact: Delta Rune is a anagram of Undertale.) As usual, the Gaster (Gaster) easter egg is still there. Which means that Deltarune could be an alternate timeline. (which is what Undertale explains to you about them.) It still has many of the same characters. Most of the characters actually are anagrams of Undertale characters. Like Ralsei. (Undertale character: Asriel) Either way, I’m not a game theorist, so anyways, if you hate Undertale, you would love this game. If you love Undertale, you’ll like this game. And remember, keep gaming!

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