RETRO | insert coin to start –> ____

I seriously do not have any new games to write about. So let’s talk old. Like Mario and Luigi Coin Challenge thing old.(Fun Fact: In Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES and Wii, it comes as a side game for Super Mario Bros. 3.) So. Pac-Man. Very iconic. He’s even in Smash; that’s how iconic he is! (Check out the new Smash game for the Switch coming December 7th!) Pac-Man has a simple concept. Get the fruit and dots, then eat the ghosts. That’s really it. Arcade games have been here for a LONG time. So…I’m not really that old. I’M NOT EVEN IN DOUBLE DIGITS SO DON’T BLAME ME IF I DON’T KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT OLDER GAMES!!! Sorry…I honesty don’t know much more than it was either 16-bit or 8-bit. 🙁

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