The Rise and Fall of Paper Mario – Part Two

So. I decided to make a second part of this. It explains more of the good stuff. Let’sa go!


Paper Mario. I explained the bad, and here comes the good. I like how the sort-of-plot of Paper Mario fits perfectly into other Paper Mario games and the flexibility of it through consoles. Like how there weren’t any battle scenes in Super Paper Mario, to match the diversity of the Wii. I can’t say the same for the Wii U. BUT look at the handhelds! The many DS(es?) have lots of Paper Mario games. 3DS got Superstar Saga (not Paper Mario) and to match it, Paper Jam! (and Dream Team. Whatever.) AND DON’T FORGET Sticker Star!!!! This series makes me feel, like, in between. But there’s pros and cons to each game. So yeah. (If you haven’t read the first part, you should do it.)


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