Baldi’s Basics (Happy b-day Gabi!)

Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning is a (quote: “spoopy”) game. (quote by mystman2, the creator of Baldi’s Basics.) It is a horror game in a not-so-horrific schoolhouse…worst of all, its locked on 1999 quality graphics. Yikes. But people have made mods to make Baldi special. Like Baldi’s Basics 64, the classic on the N64! (No, just kidding. 😉 [Mod by Zimbo.]) It’s Mario. In Baldi. 0_0 The characters in Baldi’s Basics are pretty creative though…now to find out what “spoopy” means…


Happy Birthday Gabi! This post is dedicated and chosen by my brother, Gabriel. He wanted robux for his b-day…but he didn’t get them. If you support this blog, please donate robux to robloxgabi20 on Roblox. And if you like me better, 😉 donate robux to me. My username is danielje2008. Remember, keep gaming!

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