Tips and Tricks: Kirby

Kirby is a series from the Game Boy to the Nintendo Switch. The little pink puffball is partially named after John Kirby, the lawyer in favor of Nintendo in the case of Donkey Kong VS King Kong. (possible copyright stealing) Though I’ve always felt that Kirby was too overpowered, (literally, all you have to do to kill an enemy is exhale [breath out] on them and they will die.) the bosses are really creative, and what can I say? The characters are so cute!!!!! So I guess its good. 🙂 And now the time you’ve all been waiting for…Tips and Tricks

  1. If you want to 100% a Kirby game, look for HAL rooms and round-trip doors. They will help a lot.
  2. Use your inhale attack. Its pretty simple. But it is key. You wont get far without it. So eat!
  3. Use the area around you to help. Usually, the Ability enemies are specifically placed. So use them.
  4. Well, that’s it. Enjoy. ^_^

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