Legos, but not Legos. (Roblox)

Roblox is an MMO game. (massively multiplayer online) More specifically, it is actually a developing platform. Roblox is really old, (it dates back to 2000!) but it has had serious updates and even whole remodels over the years. It first started as a simple physics tester on a really old Windows computer that I don’t even know the name of. Also, Roblox was not called Roblox back then. Then that physics thing got bought by MSC Games. It then turned into DynaBlocks. (2002) 6 years later, the Beta version of Roblox was here. (2008) In 2009, Tix, Robux, and Builder’s Club was added. It went out of Beta a month later. And finally, in 2010, came out a somewhat recent kind of Roblox. Introducing…R9 and Avatar Customization! But then…in 2013…Tix was removed. Well, that’s in the past though. In 2015, Roblox now has R15; giving characters more limbs and animations. And that is Roblox today. (May not be available at your Game Truck VR party.)




Hi, I’m Daniel, and I will be writing about video games from 8-bit to VR! (Only some may be available at your Game Truck VR party.) Tell me what games I should write about in the future in the comments. Do you want Tix back? Anyways, ask me questions about your consoles if you need help. Remember, keep gaming!


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