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Super Smash Brothers is a fighting series where all video game characters come together in one game. From the N64 to the soon release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, it has had many different characters come and go over the years. (Fun Fact: Pichu was actually playable along with Pikachu in Super Smash Bros. Melee.) My favorite Smash game so far is Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. Smash is developed by HAL Laboratory, the same company that makes Kirby! No wonder Smash is so good. Smash just stands out compared to other fighting games, and I just love it! (May or may not be available at your Game Truck VR party.)



Hi, I’m Daniel, and I will be writing about video games from 8-bit to VR! (Only some may be available at your Game Truck VR party.) Tell me what games I should write about in the future in the comments. Are you excited about Smash Ultimate? Anyways, ask me questions about your consoles if you need help. Remember, keep gaming!


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  • Cati

    I found your review really helpful! I can’t wait to try the game now 🙂

  • Tristan Tomescu

    Question* are you planning to connect to the internet.
    Also are these all of your games?
    I love the vr it is an amazing addition to any game truck.
    If you want to also appeal to the older crowds I advise you get more mature games like battle field, call of duty or even rainbow six siege. “If you haven’t heard of them you can look them up and you will find many results. You can also look into 3rd person games. “First person games are the ones I mentioned above” also some strategie games or strategie war games are played a lot by older teenage gamers. If you want to appease all crowds battle royal games are a good option right now. The last game genre is horror, older teens love to get a good jump scare once and a while also there are many vr horror experiences that you can get.

    • We do have Call of Duty WWII, and Doom VR if that’s what you are asking. And yes, we do have Fortnite for Nintendo Switch! We have Wi-fi and Xbox Live Gold, so sorry if we don’t have PlayStation Plus or Nintendo Switch Online. Everything still works fine though… And yes, I will look into more scary VR games. Thanks! 😉 And remember, keep gaming!

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