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Minecraft is a game developed by Mojang and Microsoft. (Fun Fact: Mojang means “thingamajig” in Swedish.) Minecraft was popular until fidget spinners and beyond. Anyways, it really is a great game. It is a sandbox game for any type of gamer. (Fun Fact: Minecraft was once considered an indie game.) Feeling adventurous? Try Survival mode. Feeling calm? Try Creative mode. Feel bored? Try Hardcore mode. Feeling lonely? Try playing online. Feeling bored AGAIN? Try minigames. You can build, explore, and even fight bosses while you’re at it! Whoever you are, Minecraft is perfect! (May or may not be available at your Game Truck VR party.)



Hi, I’m Daniel, and I will be writing about video games from 8-bit to VR! (Only some may be available at your Game Truck VR party.) Tell me what games I should write about in the future in the comments. Do you play Minecraft? #MinecraftOrFortnite Anyways, ask me questions about your consoles if you need help. Remember, keep gaming!



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